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Heritage Walkway Murals

Originally created in 1976 by the Artesia Junior Women’s Club and local artist/art teacher Helen Mapes as a Bicentennial Project.  Helen supervised a restoration of the murals in 1985, and artist Sid Rascon further restored them in 1999.  Fun Fact:  “Artesian Landscape” muralist Noel Marquez worked on these older murals as a young art student.

LOCATION: Heritage Walkway  |  316 W Main St

Artesian Landscape

Noted Artesia artist Noel Marquez created this mural in 2004 on the western most wall.

LOCATION: Heritage Walkway  |  316 W Main St

Western Landscape

This mural may be Artesia’s oldest public art—it has graced the walls of Bennie’s Western Wear for so many years that no one recalls the name of the original artist!

LOCATION: Bennie's Western Wear  |  205 W Main St

The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It

Noted southwest artist Peter Hurd created this mural in 1952 in Texas.  The mural was later relocated inside the new Artesia Public Library, which was designed to showcase the mural, and is visible from the street at all hours. 

For a great article on the mural please click here

LOCATION: Artesia Public Library  |  205 W Quay Ave

La Fonda Restaurant Sign

Noted Artesia artist David Losoya added an artistic touch to La Fonda’s front sign.

LOCATION: La Fonda Restaurant  |  206 W Main St

Mosaic Landscape

B&B Newsstand’s owners got tired of repairing their corner window and installed a beautiful mosaic mural there instead, designed by Gayla Ivy and created by Gentry Janey.

LOCATION: B&B Newstand  |  309 W Main St

Eagle Draw Fly Fishing

Artists Alyssa Marie & Braden Everly created this mural as part of a running joke between a former building owner and his fishing buddies, about how great the fly fishing is in Artesia, New Mexico!

LOCATION: Artesia Racquetball Club  |  110 S 4th St

Artesia Arts and Cultural District

For More information on the Artesia Arts and Cultural District CLICK HERE.

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