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Business Participants

Thank you for your interest in our public mural program!  To help you to decide if this program is a good fit for your business, below are some facts to help answer some of the most-asked questions.
This is a Public Art program, NOT a commissioned art program.  Here are the differences:

  • ACD’s public mural program gives artists general design guidelines only—if you have a specific idea for your mural, this program is not for you!  (You want a Commissioned Art piece—see below)  Public art normally embodies public or universal concepts rather than commercial or personal concepts or interests, and is usually also the direct or indirect product of a public process of creation funding, and/or maintenance.  Many times, a mural program’s distinction between being a public art project or a commissioned artwork program is critical to whether or not a project is granted funding. Murals created as part of ACD’s public mural program need to be visually and physically accessible to the public. is created for the general public, usually through a Request For Proposals (RFP) process. Public art 

  • Commissioned art  is simply a client requesting and paying for a specific piece of art for an artist to produce for them—in other words, the client tells the artist exactly what they want and the artist executes the work to the client’s specifications.  If you have a specific idea or subject matter for your mural, this is what you actually want—and it is outside ACD’s program parameters.

Our program is designed to encourage public art and artists—part of the process is allowing the artist to do their magic! Participating mural site owners end up with an original work of art on their building.

The Process:  Once you commit to our program, ACD will issue a RFP to all artists.  When the RFP period is over (usually one month), ACD will sit down with you to look over the proposal designs and select one.  As the business owner, you will have input into this process—we want you to love your mural!  Once the design/artist is selected, ACD will work with you and the artist to schedule your mural installation and make sure the process moves along smoothly.  ACD will also be on-site during the mural installation.
Artists will retain the ownership of design ideas submitted with this application. The winning design’s ownership will become the property of the Artesia Arts & Cultural District upon completion of the mural, along with all artwork produced for this mural.

Business/Mural Site Owners are asked to:

  • repair, prime (as needed) and pressure wash the wall prior to start of the mural

  • allow artists and ACD representatives reasonable access during the mural installation process

  • provide overnight secure storage for equipment and materials

  • provide utilities (water, electricity, trash disposal) and restroom access

  • leave the mural uncovered for 5 years after completion

  • pay for all materials costs and topcoat application, up to $2,500

If you have any other questions or would like to be considered as a future location, please email

Artesia Arts and Cultural District

For More information on the Artesia Arts and Cultural District CLICK HERE.

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