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Artesia Arts and Cultural District
Under A Sky Of Azure beauty shot.JPG


The Artesia Arts & Cultural District’s  Downtown Mural Program was launched in early 2021, and Artesia Public School Art teachers Brandi Cox and Juli Newton developed a Student Mural Program that gives art students a chance to share their talents with everyone. 
Under A Sky Of Azure” is our first student mural, and was created in June-July 2021. Our title was inspired by the first line of New Mexico’s State Song “O Fair New Mexico” by Elizabeth Garrett.

Art students Andrea Alvarado, Megan Cluff, Irelynn Ramsey and Anna Netherlin were assisted by  Lola & Violet Newton. The students incorporated the wall’s imperfections (and 90-year-old paint drips!) into their overall texturing and color blending.

Artesia’s Arts & Cultural District, a program of Artesia MainStreet, is based on community partnerships and collaborations. Our mission is to develop, promote and build upon Artesia’s artistic, cultural, and historic traditions to create a vibrant and distinct downtown district for everyone to enjoy.

This mural was funded by a grant from the Written In Red Foundation.

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